Journal «H&ES Research» is one of the leading peer-reviewed scientific journals, which are published in major scientific results (thesis for the degree of doctor and candidate of sciences).

The journal is distributed throughout the territory of the Russian Federation and CIS countries for telecommunications and research institutions, ministries, departments and professional schools. Implemented advertising delivery and distribution of the journal of the visitors and participants trade fairs, conferences and seminars.

Target audience for the journal dissemination

  • Telecommunication companies
  • Distributors of telecommunications equipment and services
  • Developers and equipment manufacturers
  • Companies engaged in rail, air and maritime transport
  • Providers of security and search services
  • Geodesic and mapping organizations
  • Government agencies and organizations
  • Profile educational institutions

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«H&ES Research» The journal continues a long history of publishing «Proceedings of the North Caucasian branch of the Moscow Technical University of Communications and Information»). H&ES Research - Scientific and technical journal for specialists in the field of modern information and communication technologies and automated systems management means for Space Research of the Earth and information security. The journal publishes news about events in the above areas, reports and interviews of the leading companies, the opinions of experts, new technologies, innovations, products and solutions, analytical articles, market research and others.

The journal highlights the achievements and problems of Russian Infocomm, upgrades to the latest achievements of the industry in automated control systems, technology development in information security, space exploration, the development of satellite television and navigation systems, a study of the Arctic. A special place in the publication focused on the results of scientific research of young scientists in the field of new media and technologies for Space Research of the Earth.

The journal is published in print and electronic form, which allows to increase the efficiency of information for targeted scientific audience. Periodicity - 6 issues per year.

Topical Columns

  • Аutomated control systems
  • Physical and mathematical software development of new technologies
  • Development of automated process control systems
  • Questions of space exploration
  • Telecommunication technology and technical innovations of mobile systems
  • Prospects for unified info communication space
  • Antenna-feeder equipment
  • Satellite TV, satellite navigation system, GLONASS, GPS navigation systems construction
  • Issues of Geodesy and Cartography
  • Information and cyber security
  • Questions Arctic research
  • Fiber-optic equipment and technology
  • Metrological maintenance
  • Software and electronic components for communication networks
  • Manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of telecommunications equipment
  • National associations, regional and coordinating operators
  • Legal regulation of Infocomm, legislation in the communication field
  • Economy of communications, networks convergence, universal communication
  • Exhibitions, forums, conferences, seminars, interview


The thematic plan of journal H&ES Research

№ 1 (release – 25 February)

№ 2 (release – 25 April)

№ 3 (release – 25 June)

№ 4 (release – 25 August)

№ 5 (release – 25 October)

№ 6 (release – 25 December)


Editor in Chief:

Konstantin E. Legkov – the chief of chair of Military space academy, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor.

Specialist in the field of control of difficult special purpose infocommunication systems, methods of automated control systems designing and wireless broadband access systems. Takes part in development of automated control systems and a common information space special purpose. Directly participated in the development of state military standards.

Author more than 200 scientific papers devoted to problems of creation and control of the modern infocommunication systems, creation of automated control special purpose systems, including 5 textbooks and manuals.